Ed Priola for Delegate

Vote to End "Tax and Spend"

Organizational Endorsements

Ed Priola is proudly endorsed by:


Maryland Business Leadership

The Maryland Business Leadership PAC, a bi-partisan selection committee affiliated with Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG), stated that Ed Priola's "election to the state legislature will provide a much needed commitment to improving Maryland's business climate."


Maryland Republican Assembly
The local chapter of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, a grassroots movement of Reagan conservatives, who believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense and a decent America.
Editors from the Laurel Leader and the Howard County Times
The article titled Our Choices for the Sept. 14 Primary Elections said the following about Ed: "Priola, an old hand at campaigning and a field director for the National Taxpayers Union, would bring needed political savvy to the legislature's minority. His ideas on budget reform include an outside-the-box proposal to put state employees on a four-day work week." 

Maryland Farm Bureau 

Maryland Farm Bureau is a private, non-profit membership organization with over 30,620 member families. The American Farm Bureau Federation represents over 6.2 million member families in over 2,800 counties. Farm Bureau’s purpose is to increase net farm income and improve the quality of life by providing a legislative voice, increasing public understanding and promoting member involvement.


The Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Maryland Shall Issue, The Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association and The Washington County Federation of Sportsmen

The four major Maryland pro-gun constituencies.


Tripwire Newsletter and Marylanders for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Tripwire Newsletter has been reporting on the politics of firearms and civil rights since 1996.

Personal Endorsements

"Ed is a solid fiscal conservative. His service on the Reagan/Bush and Bush/Quayle presidential campaigns demonstrate that he shares my commitment to the core Republican values of lower taxes, fiscally responsible spending, and making Maryland a business-friendly state. That is why I am proud to support and endorse Ed Priola. I call on, not only the Republicans in District 13, but all constituents who want to rein in the out-of-control tax-and-spend mentality in Annapolis, to support Ed in the Primary and General Elections."

Ellen Sauerbrey, two-times Gubernatorial Candidate for the State of Maryland


“Ed Priola is a top-shelf candidate and a dynamic leader. He is a passionate common sense conservative with the political savvy to capture a legislative seat. I strongly urge you to get behind him.”

Louis Pope, Maryland Republican National Committeeman


“Ed worked for me as a legislative aide in Annapolis. He has the integrity, skill and talent we need on our team.”

Gail Bates, Ranking Member, House Appropriations Committee, Maryland House of Delegates, District 9A


“Ed Priola worked tirelessly for me for three years.  Both his performance and dedication were outstanding. I support him 100%.”

Dr. Lee Edwards, Distinguished Fellow of Conservative Thought, The Heritage Foundation


“As the former Field Director for the National Taxpayers Union, Ed Priola was in the trenches fighting for taxpayers’ rights. NTU has helped the Maryland Taxpayers Association many times over the years. Ed is right that taxes need to be cut. He knows that by supporting the business community, badly needed new jobs will be created.”

Dee Hodges, Chairman, Maryland Taxpayers Association


“I met Ed Priola in Afghanistan in 2006, where we were both working to advance good governance and the Afghan economy. I have worked closely with him since then and can attest to his outstanding character and drive. If Ed gets elected to the General Assembly, the people of the 13th District will have won the election!”

Don Ritter, Former Pennsylvania Congressman, 15th District/the Lehigh Valley 1979-93


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